Playing Cards Online!


A year ago, my wife and I had the idea for this project when we forgot to bring a deck of cards while on vacation.

We searched for a platform that would let us play any card game we wanted but didn't find anything suitable that allowed us to customize the card game. There are hundreds of options to play a specific game, but nothing available when you want to play Gin Rummy one minute and Crazy Eights the next.

Also, a lot of people we know, including our family, have a variation of a card game that isn't quite by the rule book. So, with 2020 being crazy ðŸĪŠ and more time inside, we got to work and came up with



- No download
- Simple UI
- Up to 6 players
- Keep score ✏ïļ
- Play with chips 💰
- Chat 💎
- Pin protected 🔒
- Custom deck options 🃏
- Mobile & desktop friendly ðŸ“ą

Simply create a game and share the url or game ID with your friends or family.

We hope you enjoy this project as much as we have!

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