Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

How do I flip a playing card? Tap a playing card once to flip it. How do I pick up the discard pile? Tap and hold the discard pile until it highlights, then drag the entire pile to your desired location. How do I rotate a playing card? Tap and hold a playing card or group of playing cards, then click the rotate button. How do I play a game where each round has a different number of cards? Once a round is over, click "New Hand" and change the number of cards dealt to each player located under "More Options". How do I move a group of playing cards? Tap and hold a group of playing cards to select and move them. How do I pass a playing card to another player? Drag the playing card and drop it on the players hand. How do I change the number of players in a game? Create a new game with the desired number of players. Once a game has been created, the number of players cannot be changed. How do I place a card face down on the table from my hand? Tap a playing card once to flip it, then drag it onto the table. How many spectators can join a game? There is currently no limit to the number of spectators that can join each game.